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May 28, 2012 by Roger Zilken  
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The famous Atkins Diet focused on low carbohydrate, higher protein. However the Qivana Metaboliq system is actually a high proteins, moderate carbohydrate diet plan. It is a fact that excessive carbohydrates can be accountable for you not losing any weight and actually putting it on. However it is essential that a person’s entire body gets the carbohydrate provide that it needs. In order to lose weight, we need the correct quantity of the right kind of carbohydrates.

The Qivana Compensation Plan

Qivana offers assembled a binary payment plan. Qivana has created this kind of compensation strategy to compensate individuals that want to go full steam ahead with the company, however it additionally rewards those that are simply looking to generate a little extra cash each month. The Qivana comp plan is known as a binary plan as there are 2 thighs which you develop, a right plus a left. Whenever you sign-up a brand new distributor you’ll be able to nominate them to either the right or left leg. While you develop a group in Qivana the company pays you a percentage upon each of these legs. Anytime you’ve got sales volume both in the left and right thighs within your business you’ll produce a 10 percent commission payment on your smaller leg volume just.

The Qivana payment program contains a number of different methods to earn money that allows the building of a profitable Qivana company by any severe independent business owner. Qivana helps you to carry their representatives,or IBO’s, as they like to call them to the next phase through providing these with a very good promotion program. This is called the ‘myquivana’ advertising system and includes lead capture webpages, email marketing tools, videos and much more.

With Qivana, it’s not necessary to concern yourself with establishing a business, stocking or supplying products, processing purchases or delivering goods. It’s all done for you. All you have to do is the marketing.

Although Qivana is a great company and provides a person with a whole host of marketing and marketing materials, the face of network marketing is changing. No more is it common place to need to rely on your ‘warm’ sell to generate prospects for the business. Network marketers are turning to the internet more and more to create leads and recruit new marketers. You may well think that you can use your qivana scam website as provided to a person by the company, the main problem is that it is a duplicated website, meaning that many more have exactly the same site as you. Your Qivana website will not rank well in the search engines, and your potential customers will not see why they should join you instead of the next Qivana representative.

Qivana is a new MLM opportunity in Health and Wellness. The organization claims to be distinctive because of their systematic approach to physical improvement which was developed by Dr. Marcus Laux in conjunction with the founders. The founders are Derek Hall, Rodney Wayne, Devin Glazier, Justin Banner, and Craig Johanson.

The Qivana systematic approach to wellness includes 3 actions:

1) Stabilize/Qore/Probiotic- Help renew healthy bacteria to the intestinal tract.

2) Vitalize/Qore/Essentials- Energize the body with hard anodized cookware herbs such as Gynostemma pentaphyllum and Chinese Skullcap.

3) Optimize/Qore/Detox- A blend of products to rid your body of heavy metals, free radicals, and toxins.

The Product Creator

Dr. Marcus Laux is a naturopathic physician who earned is doctorate at the National College associated with Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Doctor. Laux has 15 years of non-public family practice and he has spent significant time searching for natural therapies that provided by nature in Central American, Siberia, and more.

The Pros to Joining as an Independent Business Owner

One) The company is new which automatically brings excitement. Whether true or otherwise, the perception is the fact that somehow it is easier to get rich when you get involved with a ground floor chance. The initial excitement can carry the company for some time as long as they produce outcomes with the product as well as overcome growing pains.

2) Health and wellness keeps growing rapidly. Paul Zane Pilzer discusses the trillion bucks that will shift from the health care industry to the preventative industry in several associated with his books.

Three) The income potential can surge at an unbelievable pace if the company comes via on their promises.

The actual Cons of Joining as an Independent Business Owner

1) New companies come with growing discomfort. Expect potential item delays, placement issues with new team members, misplaced orders, late checks, and changes you might not agree with.

2) The product creation and Scientific Advisory Board lies mainly in the hands of one man, Dr. Marcus Laux. Although their resume is extensive he is only one man. Where are the checks and balances in the system? The organization website mentions additional doctors and researchers but their names aren’t listed.

3) The company website leads along with dreams of being financially independent that we often hear in Network Marketing. By March 24, 2009 the first item on the Qivana website is the organization overview. In this overview there is not one sentence dedicated to the product. A long term sustainable business model takes a good product that provides.

Thanks for visiting this Qivana review! Since you’re here, you’re probably deciding whether you need to join and if it is possible to make money with them.

Within this Qivana review, I’ll show you how their compensation plan is set up, their product lines, and a little bit about the company itself. If you think you might want to join, study to the end of the Qivana review where I will show you how you can set yourself up for virtually guaranteed success within their company!

Qivana is a network marketing overall health company with its headquarters located in Provo, Utah. Their own executives have years of experience, and each has formerly served as a higher ranking corporate officer in other large MLM companies.

Qivana Review: More Health Products? While it’s true that they are attempting to carve out an area in a crowded market, consumers are always searching for the “latest and greatest” in health and wellness. And, with all the scientific advancements out there, something revolutionary is always coming out.

Qivana may fit into the “latest and greatest” category because they’ve partnered with some of the more renowned scientists to produce their lines of products.

Their two outlines or “systems” as they call it, are the Qore System, and also the Metaboliq System. Each program contains products that should be used in conjunction with one another for maximum effect.

The Qore System is designed to build immune defense, enhance nutrient absorption, improve energy, enhance protection, and cleanse your body.

The Metaboliq System is designed to help you lose fat the right way, and promote a general healthier, leaner way of life.

Qivana Review: Lucrative Pay plan There are a few different aspects of a compensation plan that I look for. I look for immediate bonuses for prospecting, bonuses when your enrollees advance levels, not to mention, the long term residual aspect.

Qivana utilizes all Three of those aspects, in addition to retail sales, and two different ways to earn residual income.

It looks in my experience to be one of the better payment plans because you have a huge incentive to sponsor, and help individuals beneath you sponsor. That usually leads to successful, long-term growth for the company.

Qivana Review: Conclusion In my opinion this is a great chance to be a part of. It is presently growing rapidly, and their items and compensation plan are very high quality.

However, simply being a member of a great network marketing company does not mean that you’ll be successful. In fact, the majority of Qivana reps are struggling to just to cover their autoship payments!

There are two stuff that will help you to generate the success you’re looking for.

First, you should research the team you need to join. It’s imperative that they are there to help a person recruit and build your business. They should offer you training and be available to do three way calls.

Also, the real key in order to success and to hit the top levels within the company is to recruit consistently. The top recruiters in Qivana have learned how you can leverage the internet to create dozens of leads daily, and recruit just about every day.

aking money in Qivana really doesn’t have to be difficult. However, the reason many people face frustration when trying to make multilevel marketing work for them is they are taught a lot of old and outdated marketing methods.

There is no Qivana scam but some people come to that conclusion after spending months watching others bring in the big bucks while they struggle to recruit only one person. If this sounds familiar to you, then continue reading and allow the following Qivana review to help you understand exactly how to have MLM success as you build a quality residual income.

The products concentrate on health and with so many individuals focused these days on bettering their health, it should be no problem getting them fascinated.

This company utilizes a Three step approach to health: the Qore Probiotics to build immunity, the Qore Essentials for energy through herbs, and the Qore Detox to cleanse the body.

Qivana uses a binary compensation plan for paying distributors. Actually, it does not really matter a lot which comp plan program they use.

What really matters as far as you having real achievement is how you advertise your network marketing business.

The regrettable thing is that too many uplines in this Multilevel marketing opp teach “old school” methods, such as talk to your friends and family or use the 3-foot guideline (talk to anyone within three feet of you). While these techniques work great for someone with a lot of impact in the community, the other 99% struggle because most of your family and friends simply don’t see you as a business leader.

Here’s what you must do if you are very serious about creating momentum in your business, creating a recurring income stream and silencing any talk of Qivana scams:

Learn to market effectively and intelligently online.

This is the key in the 21st century version of network marketing. The reason for this is because Internet marketing allows you to target specifically the people who are looking to earn money in MLM. What this means is you now ATTRACT fascinated people.

Wouldn’t you are feeling differently about your business if you could stop chasing people as well as, instead, have individuals contacting you and asking you what they have to do to become listed on you?

That’s the way the smart Qivana reps do it and you can, too. Learn to market yourself through forums, videos, content articles, social media, etc. Develop an online sales channel that brings you dozens of targeted leads each day.

Qivana is another new Multilevel marketing startup that has thrown its hat into the health and wellness arena. Exactly what helps set Qivana aside is the unique approach to the health products these people market. The company focuses on detoxification and cleansing of the body first, while implementing the Chinese herb as well as mineral regimen later, after the body has regained its ability to absorb the nutrients.

Qivana is the brainchild of Derek Corridor even though he shares the spotlight along with co-founders Rodney James, Devin Glazier and Justin Banner, all of which have extensive backgrounds in the overall health industry.

Derek Hall is quite the impressive achievement story considering he emigrated at 15 from England. He began their working life from McKesson Corp as a truck driver of other nutritional foods. Some would say that starting his career working for a pharmaceutical drug company and ongoing there for 26 yrs really molded him for his success in the supplements business. He actually spent the last Ten yrs at McKesson because Senior V.G. in San Francisco from their corporate offices.

Literally every organization that Derek Hall has touched, has skilled tremendous growth and success.

At McKesson, sales income grew from 10 to 22 million with Derek at the helm. Because Chief Executive Officer of Retreat Life Sciences, annual sales ballooned from $18,000,000 to 76,000,000 in only over 2 yrs. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Botanicals Int’l, annual product sales exploded to 42 million from 26 million in 2 years.

Seems everything Derek Corridor touches simply becomes to gold, and with good reason. He seems to have a unique vision for the future of natural items in the respective industry.

The fact that Derek also owned 3 businesses as well as founded Integrated Therapeutics, an alternate care company, assists give him a different perspective. One that can only assist in his quest for the prosperity of Qivana and the Independent Business proprietor (IBO).

There are some in the industry that might say that Qivana is stressed right out of the entrance, considering Derek Hall has been sued by UniVera Sciences, a business in which he offered as the chief Executive Officer.

Personally, i have never been someone to really believe in any kind of non compete contracts and that is basically exactly what the Qivana lawsuit is really about.

Realistically, how could anyone in their right mind expect somebody like Derek Hall, who has spent 40 years. in this industry, not to re-enter if after going for a couple of yrs away after resigning from UniVera? It might be a totally different situation if he had stolen top secret, proprietary organization research documents. If you read the petition, it is more about him beginning Qivana than anything else.

I guess it will depend on the way in which his contract along with UniVera Sciences was written, oh, and of course the mood from the judge on any given day.

At the end of the day, with the unique and distinctive product line, and also the top notch executive group Qivana has assembled, you might have to say these people get an A+ in the regions of product development and business experience, but a C- in regards to the online marketing training their IBO’s receive. Anyone who is anyone on the internet knows you must generate huge amounts of very targeted visitors to sites and systems (that you own), and your blogs if you want to be successful in the long term.

Qivana is a new and thrilling business opportunity. No, Qivana isn’t a scam. In fact, they offer an opportunity to make a fortune selling their products and recruiting others to do exactly the same. Qivana, which pre-launched in April 2009, opened up their doors towards the public five months later in Sept of 2009. This can be a very exciting company as Qivana is new and there is much buzz going around with them. Even thought they are new; however, remember that most businesses don’t succeed and will close their doors. As with every other business, the majority of fail within the first year. One thing to keep in mind would be that the leaders of Qivana has a lot of experience in the multilevel marketing industry. This may actually be beneficial to the success of Qivana.

The products being sold by Qivana are in the health and wellness industry. Dr. Marcus Laux that developed the products with regard to Qivana is a world-renowned physician. In order to help people live healthier lives Dr. Laux has searched almost everywhere for the best natural ingredients. The actual Qivana products are designed to assist you to live a healthier and happier life. This is done through a combination of different products that help you get healthy and improve your immune system to help prevent future sickness. The potency of these products is currently unfamiliar. It would be beneficial for you to either get first hand experience or speak with someone who has used them.

The business opportunity offered by Qivana to sell these types of health products is a superb way to make a couple bucks to supplement what you are already doing for a living or you can actually make some big money promoting the nutritional products and recruiting others to do the same. As a representative you will receive a immediate commission on a product sales that you make. You can also become eligible to receive commission on sales that your entire team makes. Your group will be based on individuals recruited into your business either by yourself or even by others. One of the feature that Qivana provides is bonuses that are merited on your efforts and how large or quick your team develops.

Qivana is a great new opportunity for anyone wanting money and time freedom. It will take function; however, if you want to have success in Qivana. Wealth won’t come easily and you will need to learn how to sponsor new distributors in to Qivana on a daily basis with a program that is easily duplicatable.

Qivana is a health and wellness company that is teamed up with executives from McKesson Pharmaceuticals to create a full line of integrated health products, such as products for Weight-Loss, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Skin Care and more.

On the company side of things, these products reach the market by direct sales through a network marketing distribution model.

If you’re looking at companies and looking for top home based business opportunity, I have a checklist of important characteristics you need to think about.

So let’s get right down to brass tacks and take a look at Qivana to see how they measure up.

First, the industry by itself. Health & Wellness is a growth industry that simply passed the $112 Billion mark a couple months back again, with no signs of slowing down. As baby boomers grow older and people become more health-conscious in general and available to alternative medicine, I look for this trend to continue, which is a strong good for a company like Qivana.

Subsequent let’s look at company administration. Qivana has put together an extremely accomplished executive team made up of heavy players like CEO Derek Hall, who’s been associated with multiple companies within the health field, like Nature’s Way & Organic International, and CMO Craig Johanson, who has experience with Xango and Tahini Noni.

The entire Qivana team is powerful across the board, with lots of experience and a proven track report of success, particularly with other networking companies, another positive.

Third, let’s look at the product. The Qivana product line is based on what they call the “Qore” system with a focus on cleansing, detoxification, and supplementation. It’s a a 3-step platform using ancient Chinese herbs together with a varied assortment of vitamins and minerals to stabilize, vitalize, and optimize health.

Because the products is relatively unique, in demand, and of high quality – it’s fair to express that Qivana brings a great product to market.

The problem comes when you look at the business model. Qivana uses a binary comp plan, which is fairly standard in this industry and may be lucrative, as long as sales are made regularly and you continue to develop out your organization.

And that is where Qivana comes up short.

To be blunt, this company just doesn’t understand how to market in the 21st century.

When it comes to recruitment, sponsoring, as well as building a business, Qivana’s “strategy” consists of bugging friends and family, using memory joggers to create a list, and applying the (dreaded) 3-foot rule when in collection at Starbucks…

If you’ve ever tried this stuff, you know – it’s no enjoyable! And it just fails…

And while it’s true that Qivana is trying to incorporate social media platforms, notably twitter & facebook, the truth is, unless you know how to use web 2.0 as part of an overall comprehensive strategy, that’s truly no different than putting your flyer on a car windshield – simply doing it cyberspace!

As for the sales pitch, it’s the same old same old – pitching the comp plan, the actual patent, the shipping system, the management team – and sending people to the corporate replicated site…

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how great your products are or if you have the best comp plan since Moses was in short pants. If you don’t know how to market to a target audience, you won’t build a successful, long lasting business – time period.

So, is Qivana a gimmick? Absolutely not.

Qivana can be a excellent opportunity. But for the business owner seriously considering Qivana like a primary business, it’s important to evaluate exactly how you would market your Qivana business as well as sponsor new marketers on a regular basis.

There are many direct sales companies out there, but Qivana has become a very well respected and well organized company that continues to teach its distributors how to become successful at network marketing lead generation , which is one of the 3 major components that creates a profitable outcome.


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